Higher ed for big data: Galvanize introduces a real-deal masters program

Emerson Dameron

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Since launching in 2012 in Denver, Galvanize has not only become an essential one-stop enrichment organization for the Colorado tech community – it has established itself across the nation. It has two locations in Denver, one in Boulder, one in California, and more on the way. It's not terribly surprising that its latest project, GalvanizeU, will be based in the San Francisco Bay Area, in accreditation partnership with a Connecticut private university. If you want to become a data scientist, it may well be worth the travel.

"We built gSchool because entrepreneurs have such a hard time finding developers,” said Galvanize co-founder and managing director Chris Onan. “GalvanizeU was created for exactly the same reason — tech companies have a hard time finding trained data scientists.”

GalvanizeU's structure resembles that of a dev bootcamp, except that it's designed to give its 12-month graduates all the technical skills and industry savvy they need to pursue careers in the exploding field of data science. It costs $48,000, or $1,600 per credit hour. That sounds like a lot, at least until you learn that you can get a Masters in Engineering out of the deal.

That's where the University of New Haven comes in. The project will be spearheaded by Mike Tamir, an experienced academic.

File 30475"Galvanize is committed to creating education opportunities for technology entrepreneurs,” said Onan. “Everything about a Galvanize campus involves learning. Whether it's an event for our community members to listen to a successful entrepreneur, sharing ideas with fellow entrepreneurs over a coffee or beer, or diving into a six month gSchool program to become a software developer - Galvanize's focus is learning. GalvanizeU is another type of education that we are bringing to Galvanize campuses.”

Onan said that GalvanizeU is yet another way his team's efforts will gradually enrich Colorado's tech economy. Galvanize plans to significantly expand the program in 2015 - yes, it will be offered in Denver!

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